About Jai me


I have been practicing yoga since 1992 and teaching since 1994. Deeply knowledgeable, passionate and elegantly articulate, I am known for my clear, detailed and specific instructions. While my teaching style is straightforward, inspiring and demanding, I enjoy levity and irreverence! The last two decades have heightened my curiosity about the world and myself. This curiosity, coupled with an urgency to awaken, has led me to create a synthesis of asana, Ayurveda and philosophy. Threads pulled from these branches of the yoga tradition weave a pragmatic and efficacious approach to self-discovery, transformation and evolution. My teaching encourages my students to experience the aliveness of their bodies and hearts while connecting to a deeper part of who they are.
Nature inspires me with her authenticity. When my mirror is tarnished and distorted, it is in nature that I find the most exquisite reflection of myself as spirit in human form. I believe we touch eternity by going more deeply into our humanity. Through owning our shadow, pain and fear we transform. By recognizing the repeating patterns of the universe we grow ourselves into complete beings. Sharing the journey we awaken to the blessing of life. It takes Practice, Patience and Persistence to evolve. A lot of effort is required and many are the rewards for the dedicated student.
In 2008, my husband Justin and I created the Ananda Tandava Retreat Center in Howard, CO. This is our home, a place where we can Live Deeply and retreat from the fast paced world. We invite like-minded souls to gather and connect while deepening relationships to what is important.
The beauty, power and grace found in the purity of nature inspire me as a writer. In 2012 two pieces of my poetry were published in The Poetry of Yoga, Volume II.
I am a devoted student of Rajanaka Tantra scholar, Dr. Douglas Brooks. The rich and multifaceted teachings of Rajanaka Tantra have offered me the opportunity to weave a tapestry of life that is deep and expansive. What I have gleaned from my Ayurvedic studies with Cate Stillman, of Yogahealer, awakens me daily to the patterns and the power of nature. My knowledge of the biomechanics of the human form is drawn from my prior certification in Anusara Yoga from 1999-2012 and years of self- study and practice.
Very recently I decided to change the spelling of my name. My given name is Jamie. For years friends have misspelled my name as Jaime. I think they were trying to tell me something very valuable. I finally got it! Each time I say my name I am celebrating myself and each time you say my name you are celebrating you.

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I decided to rearrange the spelling of my name on my birthday in 2012. From now on it is Jai me. Jai is basically Sanskrit for YAY! I hope to never forget what a celebration this blessed and sacred life is and how much more beautiful the celebration is when we are all a part of it! I celebrate you and me!
 I have dedicated over 20 years to my practice, teaching and therapeutic application of yoga.
When I began I was looking for “forced relaxation”. I was stiff, tired, frustrated, injured and needed a new outlet and new outlook on life.

It has been an amazing journey of self-discovery and continues to unfold with each new day.

Formerly certified in Anusara Yoga from 1999-2012, I am now Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 registered. I have a proven track record of efficacy and optimal outcome on and off the yoga mat.

The physical practice is filled with rewards. When performed with optimal alignment the asana practice will create an incredibly flexible and strong body.

The mind takes on a new calm as we get more settled due to the balance we create in the skeletal/muscular system. We learn how to breathe more deeply and may even venture into a pranayama practice (breath expansion) and meditation practice.

There is still more to yoga, more than the alignment of the body, more than the dance with the breath, more than the deep peace of mediation. There is an alignment with nature and Her timeless patterns, that allows a greater inquiry to open and allows possibilities to deepen.

This is the "more" I was seeking.

In the “Honeymoon” phase, when all is new and exciting, we have huge shifts, often one right after the other. Often we devote time and resources to attending classes and workshops with our “new love”. We have the “yoga glow”. We have the yoga high.

What sustains us when we hit the inevitable plateau? Just like prime numbers the big shifts happen with less frequency. What if life does not allow us to attend many classes and we drift away from our community? What then? What is it that sustains us in the long run and allows us to become sovereign over our lives?

Recently I ran up against all of these questions. I had hit a big plateau. Through force of will I kept at it, but I was not always feeling “the love”. My world of asana with some pranayama and meditation had stalled. I needed juice. I live in the middle of nowhere, by choice, so my options are limited. I needed refinement and I needed to expand beyond the “asana room” I had created. 

I had spent 18 years refining my understanding and experience of Anusara Yoga. I was a member of the Anusara Yoga “community”. We gathered en mass and did lots of asana and got really “high” on the effects of so many doing so much! All of that dissolved February 3, 2012. Now what?

I understand, practice and teach this very “smart” yoga. I have no plans to quit that! The bio-mechanics work. This very basic, foundational way of being in my body has helped me to overcome many injuries and avoid numerous others. I am still getting stronger and more flexible with each passing year. My understanding of the bio-mechanics of the human form and their application, have helped me to assist many students and clients. If someone comes to me with an injury, I can help. If someone wants to advance their practice, I can help with that as well.


As I said previously, my love affair with asana was beginning to wane. My efforts were not being “rewarded”. I mean how many years of consistent handstand timings does one have to do to be assured of “nailing” handstand in the middle of the room on a regular basis? I did not have the answer to that and found it to be enormously frustrating. You see, to me, handstand in the middle of the room, along with being great, good fun is a gauge, a tangible way to measure my “progress”. I like tangible results.

I decided to reinvest in the study of Ayurveda and Daily Routine, Dinacharya. The refinement of our Daily Routine is the most available and transformational commitment we can make. It can have an enormous effect on all aspects of our life and our health. I have been experiencing the impact of small changes made over time to my daily routine. I am taking, not only my asana/physical practice, but my life to a new level of vibrancy and depth. I now feel more zest for life, for my practices; asana, pranyama and meditation. On an average week I may devote 10-15 hours to my asana practice. My Dinacharya is a moment to moment relationship with the yoga of life. This is a full on investment and it is fully worth it.

I spend less time stuck in old patterns and more time creating what I really want. Could these shifts have something to do with the fact that I am now digesting and assimilating my food better that I have in years? I am sleeping more deeply and feeling truly rested for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long! When I wake up well rested I can “take on the world”. I have spent far too many years tired and unable to accomplish what is important except by sheer power of will. I have no idea what my on-going fatigue has cost in productivity, or how much I would have done if I wasn’t sick, again. This is something we all need to think about. What is it costing you to not feel great?

Only participating in asana was like being in one room of a beautiful mansion. Until I began to engage in other yogic practices I was not aware of the rest of the “house”. My playing field is so vast now. There is always more! This is very exciting. I’d love to share what I know with you!

Life is abundant and waiting for us to receive Her gifts. At any given moment we can change the way we want to be and create the life of our dreams. Life is a precious gift, a treasure waiting to unfold, a story longing to be told.

In addition to a regular asana practice and the study of Ayurveda, I am a dedicated student of Dr. Douglas Brooks. Since 1998 the rich and multifaceted teachings of Rajanaka Tantra have offered me the opportunity to create a tapestry of life that is deep and expansive.  I am also an avid hiker, gardener and am currently exploring life through the lens of a camera, the written word and as a forager.