Ananda Tandava Retreat Center, Howard CO, home of Jai me and Justin Allison


Ananda Tandava Retreat Center is dedicated to offering courses that foster a sattvic life. Sattva is that which supports life, brings clarity and opportunity for greater self awareness.  We gather here to connect with nature, to deepen our relationships to what is important and what matters. Workshops in yoga asanaphilosophy and Ayurveda Lifestyle are designed to enhance your wellness by connecting you to the rhythms of the natural world, there by creating an opportunity to connect with your potential as a human-being.

"You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer." ~ Thich Naht Hanh



We are deeply rooted in the earth. By establishing our connection to the elements and the rhythms of nature we can live better, feel better, create a sustainable future and be the change that is so desperately needed in these uncertain times.

The name, Ananda Tandava, was chosen because it means the blissful dance. Life is a dance, a pulsation of all that is possible. The Ananda Tandava represents the great creative cycles of the cosmos and the more familiar dance of the seasons and the phases of the moon. More intimately Ananda Tandava is the blessing we have each morning of welcoming a new day. We are solely responsible for our unfolding day and life’s journey. If we choose to mindfully join this dance we can direct the course of our lives and at the same time be open to the unexpected.

Yoga, in one of its broadest meanings, is deepening relationships. One way to deepen a relationship is with good conversation, to truly listening and being aware, moment to moment. Ananda Tandava Retreat Center is dedicated to advancing the collective conversation, to sitting near by with good company, to sharing food and practices that build a strong, flexible body, agile mind and willing heart. I believe we were born to connect to the universal, the singular, creative, infinte current of grace, through the infinite number of finite expresions of the manifest world. All of creationn is held by the currents of grace and is a part of a sacred rhythm. As humans we can live from a perspective of connection or separation. Connection offers ease and abundance. Separation creates fear and contratction. The choices we make every day, in every moment determine our connection or lack there of. Following the patterns of the natural world is the single most important things we can do. 


Ananda Tandava Retreat Center officially opened autumn of 2008. Fall is a beautiful time of year, the light mellows, the earth starts to slow down and we can pause to harvest the preceding year. Every moment we can look back at what was and make clear, empowered choices about what we want to create for ourselves and future generations. Together we become more skillful at life, together we learn to Live Deeply.

Ananda Tandava Retreat Center is situated in the Arkansas River Valley. We are surrounded by breath taking views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. We are blessed with a creek that feeds two ponds, fertile soil for gardens, towering trees and curious wild life. Located 12 miles east of Salida, CO, we are easily accessible and at the same time peacefully remote..

We are able to house 10 students and more housing is available one mile away at Bandera’s Bunk House,, or Mesa Star Cabin, on Stout Creek. There are many options from the very rustic to the very deluxe,  from Salida to Coaldale. (see housing info below) 


Our studio, with radiant in floor heat, is ready to welcome you. Each year our gardens become more lush and productive. The land continues to respond to our care. Wild life draws ever near. We connect to nature and endeavor to live as nature. We invite you to begin the journey toward the life you were meant to live as you evolve into the person the world is waiting to know. Unplug and linger in the sweetness of this place. Come, sit near-by and slow down long enough to hear the song of the universe as she is singing in you, as you.

For information on where to stay for events at Ananda Tandava Retreat Center,  click here.