2013 A New Year, a paradigm shift

Entering into the new year, we pause to look back at what has been. Sometimes we are warmed by sweet memories that fulfilled our expectations. All to often we dwell on the things that didn't quite measure up to our hopes. What we have forgotten is that everything is perfect. Perfection is not an unattainable state we strive for, it is who we are. All of our experiences are fleeting, held in time and space, offering perfect markers for our lives as long as they have meaning. We all have the opportunity to be anchored in the fullness of time or be at the mercy of a ticking clock that seems to be moving faster. Can we find a way to have enough time to savor the moments? Can we create meaning and value? We can if we follow nature's way and reclaim our infinite Self. Nature exists fully as herself, perfect in every moment. No regrets, no "if only". She does not dwell on how She wished things could have been. She is always perfect and so are we!

It is human nature to reduce oneself to a list of things we don't like, or can't do, or regret, or wish we had, did or could be. This is a reductive strategy and is diametrically opposed to Nature's Way.Nature holds the ancient pattern and the rhythm of life. She knows when to go dormant and rest, when to surge forth with new growth and when to revel in her fullness. Throughout the cycle, there is no clinging. Instead, the fullness of the perfection of each moment is recognized by a deep intelligence.

Nature's Way is an embryonic strategy, one that keeps offering the opportunity for more. Our option is to make the "more" we are offered, better. Our only limitation is our capacity to imagine and envision. How
many facets or phases, of you, do you want to grow? How many experiences do you want to have? How much of your potential do you want to manifest? It truly is up to you and your heart's desire.

Dr. Douglas Brooks has often said; "we are perfectly broken in a perfectly crooked world". I realized in a very profound, life changing moment, how much of human nature is caught up in the "broken and
crooked" part of that statement. Our fear invites us into the reductive list of how we describe ourselves, and our experiences. It is Love that allows the horizons of our perfection to expand infinitely.

The moon is the reflection of the sun. The sun can be referred to as Prakasha, the Source of Light. The sun is full and complete, yet we cannot look directly at the sun, so we are drawn to contemplate the
moon. She offers herself as a reflection of the Source. Her emerging light appears in a broken and crooked fashion. She moves through phases. Sometimes she appears full. At other times she seems to
disappear. Totally absorbed by the sun, isn't the moon at her most luminous? The moon is always and never the same. She is Vimarsha Shakti, the reflected light of Source. Each one of us is the reflected light of Source.

Upon gazing at the moon, no matter what phase she is in, I can't imagine ever finding her crescents and quarters any less beautiful than her full moon phase. She is a part of something greater, as are we. No
matter how much of her is concealed in the night sky, she is still completely full.

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