Out of the sky of consciousness Grace descends. She comes as the gift of breath. We can learn to dance more skillfully with Her through the practice of pranayama. She is the weaver, weaving the tapestry of the material world, the dancer creating the dance.
Each of us weaves our own tapestry and dances our own dance. We exist within the Grand Tapestry and The Dance that is never ending.
Ida Nadi, Pingala Nadi, yin and yang energy are the quintessential pairs of opposites that create the warp and weft. They represent the first primal steps of creation. 
Her-story is made of cycles and rhythms, elements, gunas, doshas and koshas, the ebb and flow of natural patterns, the cycle of the day, the cycle of the moon, the movement of the seasons and the breath.
History is made of perspectives that often give rise to the malas and kleshas. 
Her-story is grass roots. It grows out of what is and has always been. It takes hold slowly and endures the test of time.
History blows things apart and can be rewritten on a whim by whoever is in power. 
Her-story is expansive, feminine encoded and opens to and allows for something more.
History is contractive, driving to a point, limiting and narrow. 
Her-story is inclusive.
History is exclusive.
Her-story is quiet and enduring.
History is front page news and often forgotten in a day or two.
History is sensational and often not true, Example, Louis Pasteur and penicillin. He is not the “father” of medicine, but merely celebrated for something that has done more harm than good. Dr. Antoine Bechamp, Pasteur’s rival, stated, “If the inner terrain of the body is healthy, microbes have no impact.” Louis Pasteur concurred on his deathbed. How we nourish ourselves is at the heart of a healthy inner terrain. No one can profit from the health of the masses, especially when the masses take responsibility for their own health. 
Her-story tells of a thousand hands lovingly tending the earth in small gardens. These thousand tender hands caress the primal, and the primal supports her own and moves life forward.
History is mega agri business, genetic engineering, chemical fertilizers and herbicides. This is death to the land, death to all creatures. The eco-system unravels and the codes of life become distorted.
Moving toward her-story may never be “front page” news, but it will create conscious culture and the opportunity for a sustainable future our children can inherit .
History will blow itself apart and be front-page news. The future is tenuous at best though the lens of history.
Her-story weaves a tapestry.
History pulls at the threads and unravels the tapestry for personal, selfish gain.
Her-story seeks balance and the midline.
History is a “made” because of the loss of balance.
Life flourishes when seeking balance.
“Men were born to fight in armor, women born to stay alive.”- Judy Collins

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