Live your remarkable life now!

I am on a mission to change the way we perceive the passing of the years. Yes, it takes conscious work. When that "work" becomes my chosen daily routine, I am living my youthful life every day and creating my youthful tomorrow every day.
It hasn’t always been this way.
I have been a student of yoga asana for over 25 years. The physical practice is filled with rewards. When performed with optimal alignment the asana practice will create an incredibly flexible and strong body. My mind was occasionally calm and I often felt more settled. I was creating balance in my skeletal/muscular system. I felt a lot better. I ventured into a pranayama practice (breath expansion) and meditation practice, albeit, with little consistency.
I was motivated by my “gains”, but I knew there had to be more.
I knew there had to be something that sustained the inevitable plateau. Just like prime numbers the big shifts happen with less frequency. What if life does not allow me to attend many classes or I drift away from my community? What then? What is it that will sustain me in the long run and allow me to become sovereign over my life?
I did hit a big plateau. Through sheer force of will I kept at it, but I was not always feeling “the love”. Depending upon my perspective, I am either a victim of circumstance or the creator of my circumstances. My world of asana with some pranayama and meditation had stalled. I felt disconnected. I needed juice. I live in the middle of nowhere, by choice, so my options are limited. I needed refinement and I needed to expand beyond the “asana centered routine” I had created. 
I decided to reinvest in the study of Ayurveda and Daily Routine, Dinacharya. Dinacharya is the alignment we can participate in with nature 24/7. Nature has a template that supports and sustains life. To live in harmony with Nature allows us to live deeply.
The refinement of our Daily Routine is the most available and transformational commitment we can make. It has been my experience that the life I live, and my perception of the world, is directly informed by the choices I make moment to moment. Conscious choices have an enormous effect on all aspects of life and health. Every day I experience the positive impact of small changes I have made. I am taking, not only my asana/physical practice, but my whole life to a new level of vibrancy, health and meaning.
My Dinacharya is a moment to moment relationship with the yoga of life. It allows my life to have greater depth because it allows me to connect to something bigger than myself. This is a full on investment and it is fully worth it. I spend less time stuck in old patterns and more time creating what I really want.
Could these shifts have something to do with the fact that I am now digesting and assimilating my food better that I have in years? I am sleeping more soundly and feeling truly rested for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long! When I wake up rested I am filled with joy about what the day may bring.  When I wake up tired, there can be a subtle sense of malaise that colors my day.
I have spent far too many years tired and unable to accomplish what is important except by sheer power of will. I have no idea what my on-going fatigue has cost me in productivity, or how much I would have done if I wasn’t sick, again. This is something we all need to think about. What is it costing you to not feel great and how might it feel to Live Deeply?
I coined the phrase Live Deeply over 20 years ago. I am beginning to understand what that means, and to live it!
To Live Deeply is to recognize that you are the creator of your world.
To Live Deeply is to offer your effort toward that which brings the most efficacious results and to do it consciously and consistently.
To Live Deeply is to be established in your connection with eternality while engaging in the diverse dance of life.
To Live Deeply is to recognize that you, and all creation, are always and never the same. This recognition frees us from fear and opens us to hope. This recognition makes life an adventure instead of something fixed we try to desperately hold. This recognition is the paradox that sets us free and binds us to what is truly valuable.
To be always the same means you have done and continue to do the practices that keep your channels open to endless world. You know you are in tune with the infinite when life is expansive, joyful and creative. You feel a tangible connection to something greater than yourself that offers an energetic “safety net”. You know your worth. You easily offer love to yourself and have no trouble honoring yourself by engaging in routines that keep you healthy. You have no trouble refusing things that are a drain on you physically, mentally and emotionally. You keep good company because you know you deserve good company.
To be never the same has two points of view. These two views arise from our perspective of the world around us.
If we feel disconnected from the big picture, life is stress. We live in fear and are contracted. The slightest “ripple” rocks our boat. Our perception of reality is a “zero sums” game. It is “me” against “them”, a no win competition orchestrated by fear, lack and low self esteem. 
When we feel connected to the big picture, we have ease. We know our roots go deep into eternity. We can navigate the world with freedom and joy. We engage from a place that sees diversity as a blessing, not a problem to be solved. When life challenges us we have our anchor in eternity and even if we are shaken to our core, we know we will be OK. It may take time to return to our experience of fullness and joy, but we know we will. We feel supported.
Being “captain” of your ship takes far more effort than being the “victim” of your circumstances. One way offers endless abundance, the other offers a clenched and empty hand and heart. You are free to choose how you want to engage and experience this sacred opportunity of life.  
I’d love to share what I know and have lived with you. Life is abundant and waiting for us to receive Her gifts. At any given moment we can change the way we want to be and create the life of our dreams. Life is a precious gift, a treasure waiting to unfold, a story longing to be told. Choose to Live Deeply. You will never regret it!
I look forward to guiding you toward your remarkable life.  / / Live Deeply™


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JEWELRYEE (<a href="">JEWELRYEE</a>) Yesterday many of us documented on the potential for grape gas hitting the vividness level, right now their even more well-known uncle, grape normal water, might be dealing with the identical depressing destiny, at least be demoted looking at the super anti-oxidant position. In the The big apple Times' latest sequel with the Eileen Moss "What's Inside?" collection, the author regarding Sea salt, Sugar, Excess fat deconstructs the particular drink's vitamins and minerals along with examines should it be value your hypeand the actual $400 trillion in global sales it currently rakes every year.Linked: Will be Pumpkin Seedling Gas the subsequent Grape Acrylic?Because you can previously thought, the particular obvious liquid (certainly not the particular milk) from young, environmentally friendly coconuts is just not the truth is the actual miraculous drinking water it once was applauded being. When coconut drinking water 1st reach the actual picture it absolutely was publicized like a nutrient-rich superfood that can ward off malware and also disease <a href="">JEWELRYEE</a>. And then, in accordance with the Periods, nutritionists shot done that and also coconut normal water businesses like Vita Coco started out advertising and marketing it as being an electrolyte-rich and also moisturizing sporting activities ingest. Following a Next year class-action legal action discovered that this kind of assert was majorly exaggerated, Vita Coco again had to change it's Page rank technique. It's right now morphed in to a more thrilling normal water choice using a variety of new tastes (mmm coffee).Associated: Precisely why your Whole30 Meals are Seizing InstagramThis is just not to convey that will grape normal water doesn't have any vitamins and minerals, it includes an affordable quantity of potassium, magnesium mineral, along with calcium mineral, and far less sugars than other fruit drinks. Moss affirms downing a bottle involving coconut drinking water will be the same in principle as eating a new strawberry and drinking any goblet of water. Consequently, if you don't thoughts the cost along with adore the flavor <a href="">JEWELRYEE</a>, have you thought to? Only pricier the idea to avoid your current hangover or perhaps stop a chilly. As Slate sets it, "Theres really only one particular solid need to drink coconut h2o: style."Related: Exactly why your Is Cherry H2o the modern Avocado Drinking water?If you're looking for a magic ingest substitution, binge-eating syndrome to the menu is maple normal water. The newest all-natural refreshment to be able to appear inside the wellbeing foodstuff fence is an additional nutrient-rich elixir becoming marketed while developing a plethora of health benefits. We will have to wait to see when these kinds of promises previous or if they will be put the lie to, coconut-water style.

JEWELRYEE (<a href="http:/

JEWELRYEE (<a href="">jewelryee</a>) The other day many of us noted around the chance for coconut gas reaching a new vividness stage, now its more well-liked cousin, grape normal water, could be experiencing precisely the same depressing destiny, at least be demoted from its superfood standing. Within the New York Times' latest sequel from the Erika Moss "What's Inside it?Inch collection, the author involving Sodium, Sweets, Fat deconstructs your drink's nutrients and also evaluates whether it's really worth the actual hypeand the $400 trillion throughout global income it right now rakes annually.Related: Is actually Pumpkin Seed Essential oil the Next Grape Gas?Because you might have already thought, the particular clear fluid (not really your milk) through young, green coconuts just isn't actually the particular miraculous drinking water back in the day touted to get. While grape drinking water initial strike the particular picture it was advertised as being a nutrient-rich super anti-oxidant that can avert trojans and illness <a href="">JEWELRYEE</a>. After that, according to the Times, nutritionists picture made that first move and avocado normal water businesses like Vita Coco started out marketing and advertising becoming a good electrolyte-rich and moisturizing athletics drink. After having a Next year class-action legal action discovered that this kind of declare ended up being majorly overstated, Vita Coco once more was required to change its Public realtions method. It's got now morphed into a more thrilling normal water substitute with a plethora of fresh tastes (mmm caffeine).Linked: Exactly why your Whole30 Diet Is Overtaking InstagramThis is not to convey which coconut drinking water does not have nutrients and vitamins, it contains an affordable quantity of blood potassium, magnesium, as well as calcium supplements, and much a smaller amount sweets compared to various other juices. Moss affirms drinking a bottle of grape h2o will be the same as eating any bananas along with ingesting a new goblet of water. So, if you do not brain the cost along with enjoy the flavor <a href="">JEWELRYee</a>, you will want to? Just a low-cost the idea to avoid your current hangover or even avoid flu. As State puts it, "Theres really only one particular solid reason to beverage avocado h2o: tastes."Related: Exactly why your Is Cherry Water the New Coconut Normal water?If you are seeking a miracle ingest substitute, next for the plate is maple wood drinking water. The newest normal refreshment in order to show up in the wellness food church aisle is the one other nutrient-rich elixir getting marketed as using a great number of health benefits. We shall just have to wait around to see in case these types of statements very last or if they shall be debunked, coconut-water style.

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Any person who not long ago went to a wedding event will really tell you of the elaborate particulars included in these kinds of skillfully orchestrated functions. The particular wedding ceremonies associated with yesteryear could have been basic extramarital affairs that will involved close family members and also a pot-luck evening meal. However present day wedding parties all have this pomp along with scenario owned by what can possess when been recently regarded high-society events; big or small, they can be well-coordinated extramarital relationships which might be infused with the distinctive style on the several and can include all the info that they may have presented a good inordinate level of thought. One particular considered that is inevitable in the modern marriage is that of the actual out-of-town visitors who go to the wedding desired destination. Special awareness is frequently compensated to the telltale guests -- matching hotels, dishes, and transfer. One of the ways by which present day lovers choose to recognize these company is simply by delivering them marriage gift hand bags.
Wedding party gift idea baggage are most often fond of out-of-town guests that are staying at an accommodation for ones wedding party. The gift carrier is actually sometimes remaining of their college dorm - possibly within the mattress or perhaps on the workspace * so that it does not take very first thing that they notice when they arrive; or it really is given to all of them from the entrance workplace staff members whenever they initially register for the resort. In simple terms, the present totes consist of "welcome" gift ideas intended for family and friends from the wedding couple.
Different young couples choose to do something more important using marriage gifts luggage. A present tote might be loaded with drinking water, snacks for that bedroom, and brochures having activities around area for many who might not be informed about the area. Almost all of the ideal for journeying family and friends that - involving wedding ceremony routines - may choose to check out the city/town they have no time before went to.
A few lovers have basic toiletries in their wedding gift hand bags such as more toothbrushes, tooth paste, mint candies, bath teeth whitening gel, lotions and creams, shampoo/conditioner * combined with the treats as well as water.
For much more detailed marriage gift idea luggage you may choose to incorporate a bottle of wine or even wine as well as eyeglasses, candies, cheeses along with cookies, and even perhaps the CD of the your favorite music intended for family and friends to take pleasure from within the room.
It doesn't matter how you want to put together the wedding reward luggage, it's always crucial that you have a observe on your part pleasing your friends and family to help city as well as by way of thanking them to make the particular getaway for your big day. Marriage present hand bags might make your friends and relatives feel good as well as treasured; they are a wonderful way to start out the wedding celebrations.

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Anybody who just lately gone to being married will truly let you know in the intricate specifics contained in these kind of skillfully orchestrated activities. This weddings associated with days gone by might have been easy extramarital liasons that included shut close relatives along with a pot-luck evening meal. Although modern day marriages all have the pomp along with circumstance owned by what might have got after also been deemed high-society activities; big or small, they may be well-coordinated affairs which are combined with all the one of a kind persona in the couple and can include every detail to which they have got granted an inordinate amount of considered. One thought that is actually inevitable in the modern wedding are your out-of-town guests exactly who travel to wedding ceremony location. Particular awareness is often paid for to these friends -- coordinating hotels, dinners, in addition to travel. One of the ways in which today's couples opt to honor these kind of friends is simply by introducing all of them wedding present luggage.
Marriage ceremony reward baggage 're normally directed at out-of-town guests who will be staying at an accommodation for the wedding. The gift tote will be both remaining of their college dorm -- possibly on the mattress or on the cubical * making sure that it does not take very first thing they observe once they arrive; or maybe it is provided to all of them through the front side table personnel after they first book to your lodge. Essentially, the gift baggage contain "welcome" items pertaining to friends from the bride and groom.
Different partners decide upon something more important using wedding gifts baggage. Something special tote is usually loaded with water in bottles, snacks with the bedroom, and also literature having adventures near city in case you is probably not accustomed to the region. This is particularly of great help for traveling family and friends exactly who : among marriage activities -- may like to discover any city/town they have never frequented.
A few couples likewise incorporate standard toiletries of their marriage present luggage like added tooth brushes, tooth paste, losengures, bath solution, ointments, shampoo/conditioner ( space ) combined with snack foods and h2o.
To get more intricate wedding ceremony surprise bags you may choose to will include a bottle of champange or even champagne and a couple of eyeglasses, goodies, dairy products in addition to biscuits, and maybe even a new Disc of your respective songs pertaining to visitors to savor in the room.
Irrespective of how you choose to come up with your wedding day gift luggage, it's always crucial that you incorporate a notice on your part welcoming your invited guests for you to community as well as saying thanks to these for producing the actual journey for the special day. Marriage ceremony gift totes will make your invited guests experience made welcome and liked; they're very best way to start out the wedding festivities.

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It was once taboo to debate seating disorder for you, yet at this time hardly a week goes on with out a superstar examining with regards to her or his have trouble with anorexia or even bulimia. Though it's usually distressing to read about these kind of challenges, We admit in order to getting somewhat inured for the eating disorders account after years of female blogging and site-building. Which makes this particular brand-new video footage, Likeness led by Oscar-nominated cinematographer Rodrigro Prieto, a lot more particular: The idea broke by means of my own mind complacency regarding eating disorders and unfavorable entire body impression because it is genuinely unsettling.There exists certainly a trigger warning to go with the nearly wordless video, which in turn celebrities a remarkable MMSSQ Fanning. The idea exhibits the actual 15-year-old occasional actress walking through a dimly-lit metro social gathering full of emaciated designs in a variety of says regarding undress and gyration. Fanning comes to the bright bathroom and begins to utilize mascara, and her hands climbs up to be able to the woman's deal with, your ex skin gets to be a ugly, shattered face mask. The girl seems horrified and also begins choosing from the woman's face. Following it is normal again, she actually is consequently defeat together with disappointed the lady makes himself vomit within a bathroom.When Fannings personality comes forth through the toilet, the actual social gathering taking place outside the house isn't your gothic circus of modelsits a bunch of regular, wholesome-looking youngsters at a property celebration. Prieto created the movie along with his little girl, Ximena, who had an eating disorder being a kid. The video appeared within a show and philanthropy corporation named Candescent Videos, along with Prieto informed Big t Journal that the movie isn't only concerning eating disorders Their concerning in a society exactly where we feel judged, and so are evaluating ourself.No matter the best concept, the short video is obviously really worth any look at.


MMSSQ ( Images"Cipriani is recognized for their exciting clientele, which is definitely genuine tonite Who would've imagined 2 <such> folks only at the same time frame: Hugh Jackman along with Robert Bloomberg,In . laughed Gran Bloomberg in his presentation finally night of Brand-new Yorkers for youngsters Event.Jests away, Bloomberg surely acquired everyone else properly pegged: Costs Cunningham was in this area shooting models Selita Ebanks and also Gem Renn. Along with the top echelons of the latest York society arrived, including Hannah Bronfman, the particular Brant friends (Harry and also Chris Two), AnnabMMSSQ Dexter-Jones, and also Lauren Remington Platt. While we could privately attest to style full week fatigue's pending profile, it had not been noticeable through attendees' daring outfit selections.To begin the big event, young people who have had their lifestyles transformed by Brand new Yorkers for the children, shared his or her tales involving overcoming impossible challenges. Their particular victories minted a new note along with Jackman, among the gala's co-chairs."They're usually therefore impressive,Inch he or she told us. "Their testimonies are extremely holding and beautiful. Their own bravery to go up and inform them will be remarkable. It really heartens us which New York has established something such as this kind of to support all of them due to the fact, you realize, these kind of kids do not have homes. They do not have got safe and sound conditions, and they also have the ability to obligation following the afternoon."Benefiting youngsters within foster treatment is often a lead to that goes in conjunction along with Jackman and his partner Deborra-Lee Furness's ownership support. Just the day before, Furness published an op-ed handling the world orphan turmoil."My spouse do which, not due to the fact we've used children, but since the girl considers it an excellent disfavor and wonderful require,Inches explained Jackman. "It's much like tonight's lead to and I'm truly happy with the girl."With a new fast chill via a flight, many of us could hardly avoid requesting Jackman with his fantastic wife precisely what their most favorite activities are usually occur autumn. Sugar their email list ended up driving to the nation on the weekends, going to the playground together with the children, gathering results in, and also ingesting hot cocoa.The handsome set after that started to enjoythe remaining nighttime swaying to be able to aheartfelt live performance through Frequent, which delivered poetry in motion together with his nearly all thought-provoking tunes "The People" along with "The Lighting.Inches Because excellent social gathering can, your fte at some point ended on the party area wherever people loose-fitting way up his or her ribbon scarves, hiked up their own attire, and got for you to company chopping an area rug.


MMSSQ ( Images"Cipriani is known for its attractive customers, and that's definitely true tonight Who could have imagined a couple of <such> folks right here at the same time: Hugh Jackman and Paul Bloomberg,Inch laughed Gran Bloomberg in his conversation at long last night of Brand-new Yorkers for youngsters Gala.Jests apart, Bloomberg certainly had everyone else appropriately labelled: Invoice Cunningham ended up being in this area photographing models Selita Ebanks along with Very Renn. As well as the second echelons of latest York society arrived, which includes Hannah Bronfman, the actual Brant friends (Harry along with Philip II), AnnabMMSSQ Dexter-Jones, along with Lauren Remington Platt. Basically we may privately attest to fashion few days fatigue's looming presence, it was not noticeable through attendees' striking ensemble selections.For you to start case, the younger generation who've had their life transformed through Fresh Yorkers for kids, contributed his or her reports associated with beating unspeakable struggles. Their own triumphs hit a chord along with Jackman, one of many gala's co-chairs."They're often consequently uplifting,In . this individual told people. "Their reports are really pressing and delightful. His or her bravery to go up and also say to them is remarkable. It heartens me personally in which Nyc has generated similar to this to support these people since, you already know, these types of youngsters lack houses. They don't really get risk-free environments, plus they all have obligation following the afternoon."Benefiting youngsters within foster care is really a cause that goes hand in hand using Jackman and the partner Deborra-Lee Furness's ownership advocacy. Just the day before, Furness written the op-ed dealing with the international orphan situation."My wife does which, not necessarily due to the fact we now have used kids, but since your woman sees becoming an incredible disfavor along with fantastic need to have,Inches discussed Jackman. "It's much like tonight's cause that i'm actually proud of the girl."With a new fairly fast cool off via a flight, all of us could hardly withstand asking Jackman with his fantastic wife precisely what their favorite activities are generally occur the fall. Leading this list have been generating towards the nation on the weekends, exploring car park with the youngsters, accumulating foliage, and also having hot chocolate.The good-looking pair then they proceeded for you to enjoythe rest of the night time swaying for you to aheartfelt live concert by simply Typical, who provided beautifully constructed wording in motion together with his most thought-provoking tunes "The People" along with "The Gentle." As any very good celebration will, the actual fte eventually broken on the dance floor where attendees loose upward their particular ribbon scarves, hiked up their own gowns, and got in order to company chopping a hair piece.

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