Seasons Change

It is September 10. Justin and I have been married for 17 years. Seems like it was only yesterday we stood at the base of the canyon on the ranch he grew upon and exchanged promises. Farley was there bearing our rings on his collar. We still miss him. He left this world June of 2008. Love never dies. People and all that we cherish and hold in our hearts live on. Love is eternal. This is a pattern that endures and carries life forward.
Patterns are underlying, energetic and invisible. A design is an outward, visible manifestation of a pattern.  A resulting design reveals the pattern that gave rise to it. The pattern of creation assures that life continues. Held by this continuum of energy, life wants to live and seeks its advantage in order to do so.
The hummingbirds have left for the season. With no Internet to give them the 5-day forecast, they still know when the weather will turn against them and leave the day before it does. Such is the pattern of the natural world. It endures.
The pattern of creation is made visible through the changing of the seasons, the waxing and waning of the moon, the 5 elements,  the cycle of life, the cycle of digestion, the growth of plants and trees, the reproductive habits of animals and plants, to name a few. The entire manifest world is the outward, visible evidence of a timeless pattern.
The Pattern of creation is singular, beginning-less, endless and recursive. The manifest world represents an infinite number of finite designs all arising from and dissolving back into a singular continuum of energy.
These infinite numbers of designs exist in different climates and locations on the planet, yet each variation is inseparable from the pattern that supports and compels life forward.
The plant and animal kingdoms are visible designs existing as the materialization of the pattern. Everything moves from potency, to complexity, to fullest fruition back to potency. This process is recursive and always and never the same.
The seasons come in the same order, yet no spring is ever an exact duplication of any other spring. Nature gives us continuity and surprise. Both are a blessing.
This summer, as always, our yard was filled with a variety of birds. Some we recognized as migratory, temporary visitors and others our long term birds in residence. All species were in full on mating-mode keeping their particular species alive and delighting us with their ritual and antics
Each morning the collective song was as captivating as ever. Most were voices we have come to recognize over the past 5 years. Mid-summer mornings were punctuated with a particular call I had heard in summers past, but I had never been able to catch a glimpse of its source. I knew most of the calls and songs and had witnessed the “singers” of those more familiar songs. This one was illusive.
I started to call the singer the “who-zit” bird, because part of its song, the most distinguishable part, sounded like “who-zit”!
Before too long I noticed that the song occurred more often and fairly close to our house. We had a pair of robins nesting under the 3rd level deck, so didn’t think another pair of birds would build a home in close proximity to the robins. Evidently robins and “who-zit’s” can be close neighbors!
One day while I was practicing yoga in my studio, I was distracted by a small bird sitting on the shed roof. It kept returning, time and time again, to this same spot. That afternoon we got out the field glasses and tried to discover who this new visitor was.
We learned that it had successfully built a nest under the third level deck, spent an inordinate amount of time catching bugs and flying back and forth to the nest feeding its young, just like all birds. This little bird and its mate captivated us. We spent hours watching the diligence of food gathering, but what was really amazing was how, adorable and unafraid of us they were.
Justin and I often go in and out of the metal shed that served as their favorite perch. On numerous occasions we would not notice these little birds until we had been rummaging around in the shed, making all kinds of noise and then stepping out to go about our business. We’d glance up and this little bird, less than 18 inches from us, was observing us with the same amount of curiosity we offered to it.
We love animals. Food is love, so we love to feed them, just to make sure they have enough. My husband placed a handful of bird seed on the roof of the shed so they could have easy access to it. It sat there for several weeks. I did some online research and discovered, after much detective work, that these little birds are called Cordillera Fly Catchers. I still wonder if the name means they catch exclusively flies, or that they catch insects on the fly. I’m leaning to the latter. If you have ever witnessed one in action you’ll understand my reasoning.
These birds eat insects exclusively. No amount of easy access food could change that pattern. The birdseed sat there until the blue jays discovered it and devoured it.
I was looking forward to a yard full of fledging Cordillera Fly Catchers. It was approaching the end of July and they had plenty of time to head to warmer climes before a true chill set in. These birds live quite a bit further south and travel north for breeding purposes.
I longed to see the parents teach the “fledges” the art of catching on the fly. I figured this would be delightfully entertaining.  It is always so much fun to watch papa robin teach the fledgling robins how to hunt and grab worms.
In early August the weather turned dramatically cool. The skies opened up one evening and the next day the Cordillera Fly Catcher family was gone. They felt and responded to the pattern of it’s-time-to-leave-now. And so they did. This gives them the advantage to carry the species forward.
Humans will refuse to leave their home even with wild fires out of control encroaching on all sides. We have freedom of choice, good news and bad news……
Our east side deck was the scene for manic hummingbird activity. Once they arrive, mid-June, we’d have 6-8 feeding from sun up to sun down. Then, one day it happened. All the fledglings joined the adults. It is no exaggeration to say that we’d have a minimum of 30 hummers feeding at our feeders. It was truly a bumper crop year for humming birds. We could not keep the feeders full. We’d fill them first thing in the morning and they’d be empty by night fall.
We went into sugar water making mode and kept several ½ gallon jars ready to be distributed. No sooner had we purchased another bag of sugar, boiled up a gallon and were prepared to serve the hungry hummers, when the weather turned dramatically again.
We went from beautiful, late summer evening with scores of happy hummer diners to a torrential rain storm. Sometime that evening, hopefully before the storm hit, the humming birds headed out. We still have about three regulars at the feeders, but there is no way they will consume a gallon of sugar water.
I have no idea why these few are still here. Maybe they are enjoying the peace and quiet of all of the kids being gone and enjoying the lush yarrow and Echinacea. This sounds great to my anthropomorphic self, but I know nature does not work this way. All is as it should be in hummingbird land.
A few days ago, as I was completing my chores in Salida, I turned onto HWY 50 to head for home and I saw the first large V of geese in flight. This is truly an autumnal sight.
To quote Join Mitchel: “See the geese in chevron flight flapping and a-racing on before the snow. They've got the urge for going, and they've got the wings so they can go”.
Even the geese that live in our area year round cannot resist the urge to fly in vast numbers in V formation. They takeoff from the Arkansas river or a large pond, flapping and honking as they circle the sky only to return to from whence they came. The urge to migrate that keeps many geese alive is just as active in those that don’t need to migrate. The survival pattern is imprinted and reveled as the “chevron” flight design.
Jogging up Stout Creek road a few days later I spooked a herd of elk. It is a magnificent sight to watch them in motion. When I shared my sighting with Justin he confirmed what I suspected, seeing the elk at our altitude is a sure sign of the seasons turning as we move toward autumn.
I look forward to the arrival of the beautiful energy held in autumn. I love this time of year, the cooler days, the golden light and wistfulness that accompanies the shift. Yet, I find I love whatever season I am in. It is foolish to wish for something other than what the world is offering. The pattern holds everything just as it should be and has been supporting life for thousands of years.
When we pay attention to the world around us, as it exists in the language of the 5 elements and the 20 doshas, we can live in daily communion with what is being presented inside and all around. The natural world lives as alignment. Humans can ignore nature’s ancient pattern or learn to align and embrace what is and get really good at creating a meaningful relationship to the pattern that endures and supports life.
The pattern has always existed, Dinacharya is the name given to the design that can teach us how to live, how to thrive and how to savor life.
Seasons change (patterns) and so do I, empowered freedom of choice. Dinacharya offers a clearly defined design that gives the reason why! My next online Dinacharya course will begin early 2014. Learn how to read the pattern, become skillful at alignment and live a life that truly supports your flourishing, thriving, evolutionary life.


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Suggest a Hangzhou travel

Suggest a Hangzhou travel site
There are three ways to visit Hangzhou:
Class A ( the first time to Hangzhou , ready to play for two days , which is the essence had to go to Hangzhou attractions, even if a lot of people , even very popular attractions , but have not been to those places as if the same had never visited Hangzhou ) look at 1-8 <a href="">杭州攻略</a>
Class B ( second and third time to Hangzhou , play two days each time , you can walk to see some of the many places ) , look at 9-16
C grade ( at least the fourth time to play with the depth of the play point in Hangzhou , may also have a lot lacking , we welcome good place to fill a vacancy and recommend more ) , what they want , nobody else will . Look at 17-25
1 , Lakeside ( refers only to the six AD from a park along Lake ) (A) no tickets , just walk around and look at the pictures , about 1 hour. " West Lake " and " a visit" scenic pictures of the monument in this scenic area . Also not to be missed is this region 's music fountain , very nice , just opposite the Hyatt Regency Lake , is usually punctual spray once for about 15 minutes , will increase the number of holidays . Basically here to see the panoramic view of West Lake in Hangzhou . While the West Lake is also the best place to night here along the lake front line .
2 , West Lake cruise and Mishima (A) 45元tickets including tickets on the island . Since coming West , of course cruise is indispensable, 45 yuan is public boat ship , but also on the island , you can choose different locations up and down boat , more flexible and safe, recommended from the lake on board, will be able to disembark from the Zhongshan Park Gushan go up .
3 , Gushan , Zhejiang Museum , Shiratsutsumi (A) no tickets , is connected to the north shore of the scenic West Lake , a famous hotel in Zhejiang Bo Louwailou next . Plane tickets Zhejiang Museum is worth visiting . Gushan foot of Zhongshan Park , Xiling , hilltop overlooking the West coast scenery. Shiratsutsumi Tung Tau is the famous bridge, want not immune.
4 , Sir Georg Solti (A) no tickets , north and south two were Qu Yuan Feng and Huagangguanyu , there is no reason not to go . If a couple , but not to be missed on hand at Sudi slow romantic line. There is also a dike southernmost boats up and down the pier , breakwater in the middle you can see the whole picture of Xihu State Guesthouse , but here is the best place to see the panoramic view of the Pagoda .
5 , Tiger (A) (*) 15 yuan tickets, go to Hangzhou Longjing tea drinking Tiger Spring run the project seems to be indispensable , but how many of Longjing tea is really hard to say , but in Tiger Lane can Tiger hand to scoop water is disguising .
6 , Six Harmonies Pagoda (A) (* excluding plethora ) 20 yuan tickets, 10 yuan a plethora of tickets. There are two main views , one plethora afar and Qiantang River Bridge, the second is China Guta Court, concentrated around the country miniature pagoda, take a look at one hundred towers, still a worthwhile trip <a href="">杭州攻略</a>.
7 , Longjing Village , 18 Jiuxi Stream (A) Jiuxi smoke tree ( * ) 2 per ticket , the rest no . Jiuxi smoke tree park is very small, there is also a small waterfall , Dao Yeting elegant . Park opposite the brook creek restaurant where meals do not have taste . Yan Shu Road Station to Jiuxi Jiuxi long walk takes about 45 minutes or so , you can take a private little bread into it, usually 10 yuan a car, do not hurry to walk is also quite good . From Jiuxi smoke tree should start walking Jian 18 about 45 minutes , it is best to go during the rainy season , the water great , very interesting. The northern end is the Longjing Village , all the way are private restaurant , you can eat farm food , tea, tea products to like you can buy , but the price and can be difficult to guarantee the authenticity , if most of the people do not understand tea do not buy in Longjing tea is good , there just feel the atmosphere .
8 , klippe , Lingyin Temple (A) klippes big ticket ( * ) 35 yuan , 30 yuan into the Temple extra flowers coupons. Can log klippes , North Summit panorama overlooking West Lake , Lingyin Temple is the most popular in east China temple incense , especially in the temple Luohantang very large scale , and the temple built on mountains, layers handed , do not have style.
9 , Xixi Wetland (B) (*) 40 yuan tickets , cruises extra . Enter from the south gate , take a large circle at least three hours or so, after a year and a half to the conservation, the Xixi now has very rich vegetation , the area within the scenery more primitive , but still some of the traces , but can in the city there is such a large green surrounding , but also relaxed and happy place for them , otherwise it can not become a national ah.
10 , Yunqi Bamboo Trail (B) (*) 8 per ticket , scenic small, a back and forth it a half hour or so , go head can have tea for dinner. Along the way bamboo deep , a lot of flavor , but also within the area are trees , where the trees as much as 1,000 years old . From here you can climb around the Meijiawu , Longjing , etc..
11 , Pagoda , net Tsz Temple (B) tower 45 yuan , with park card is enough as long as 20 yuan , 10 yuan Temple . Tower entirely new creation , so meaningful, but it is a good place to see the West Lake scenery , the famous temple monk Ji Gong Timber Furui and Nanping Evening Bell , so it should not be missed. Nanshan Road across both relative standing . Pond in front of the tower is a good pictures of home.
12 , Yuemiao (B) (*) 25 per ticket , is Yue Fei and Yue Yun cemetery lies, and built a memorial of Yue Fei , can nostalgia and see the history of the Southern Song Dynasty , but also about the way spurned Qin Hui old thief , but now a civilized society , the spitting behavior has been banned, sorry.
13 , Wushan Tianfeng , Fangjie (B) Gordon Chenghuang Temple 40 yuan tickets , ID card can also enjoy special , others do not need tickets. Chenghuang Temple is also a great look at the West , but also to see the Qiantang River , but the same effect can be seen in the Jade Mountain , so the tickets do not spend worth mentioning. Fangjie on HuQingYuTang also antique street , you can eat in Hangzhou snacks and local specialties buy some of the more souvenirs , and Goldin parallel street together constitute one of Hangzhou 's most attractive gourmet paradise , where the Great Song Fong restaurant is already Hangzhou cuisine tasting the most fashionable place .
14 , Xihu Tiandi (B) free of charge , it is best to go at night, focused on Starbucks , Haagen Dazs , Lake butterflies and other shops . Drink coffee and enjoy very good. It is the Shanghai Xintiandi companion , blending classical and modern, there is a scenic area Baishou chart, is still pretty interesting .
15 , West Lake Museum , Calm , Qian Wang Temple (B) (*) in the Xihu Tiandi Further south along the coast of West Lake , West Lake personally think this is the most quiet place, but very wide and not crowded, Liu Shucheng forest, river into the net, very cozy.
16 , Huanglong Cave (B) 30 yuan, enjoy the same IC card special. Now a folk museum , in fact, very little meaning, fame more than scenery, the so-called hole is a hole in it also . Next to the scenic mountain can log gem mountain .
17 , gem mountain , Bao Pu Road House , Baochu Pagoda (C) Road House to charge the $ 15 tickets. The recommended route is from Huanglong Cave next to hiking trails up the mountain, there is a fork in the road up to the Mid- point Baochu Pagoda , fork away from that , the way you can see the West Lake scenery . Then go through Bao Pu Road House , is a very large Taoist temple in Taoism is the status of a great temple, but the temple gate is not in the mountains, and in the mountain. Continue to move forward to get to Baochu Pagoda , you can leave a shadow . Baochu down from the tower to the foot of the North Road , then turn right and take the long way to see the positive Baopu monastery gate, there are some other small memorial are generally not a place where visitors to .
18 , three Tianzhu (C) belongs to the new law mirrors Temple Lingyin Temple , France hi Temple, France net Temple, Lingyin Gate from out of the north side of the road along the Mering mountain path , almost every temple , are all 15-20 minutes away , which in Tianzhu temple is the largest. Burn incense and pray that one , this route is also very good natural scenery , water and forests along the way is a good accompanied by runaway route. Continue west through the tunnel is Mering Meijiawu it.
19 , Meijiawu (C) and Longjing Village similar pattern emerging area farmhouse , now the voice has been higher than the Longjing Longjing compare various aspects related to the image, but the bigger the range , but also tea , eating rice farmers good place.
20 , Jade Mountain (C) (*) 10 per ticket , along the way there are many small attractions , hilltop overlooking the West Lake , Qiantang River and Dragon Tiger is the best view of the West Lake scenic spots , one of the mountain north gate is that silk Museum , the Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum and South Gate gossip fields, down the mountain from the west can be passed directly to the zoo and the Tiger , while connecting the east and Wansong College can be said in all directions.
21 , Japanese mountains, small and Hill (C) continue north to climb the peak from the north , is the West Lake scenic area where relatively little was difficult mountain , along the way will go through a very efficacious Caishenmiao , over the hill is Gudang station . Gudang very beautiful residential area north of the hill you can see. This is relatively hidden scenic spots , generally only the people of Hangzhou will go away <a href="浙江攻略</a>.
22 , ten iron chains (C) is the Longjing mountain Meijiawu Area , kept very original , nothing special attractions on the right , but the climb itself is a pleasure.
23 , Manjuelong three holes (C) is the so-called hole just three caves are the remains of Taoism . Are Manjuelong road, 3-way trips to each hole can be , if all the mountain on foot , then still a little tired . The western end of the road is the village of Longjing Longjing Mountain Park and the eastern end is Manlong Guiyu Park ( * ) , is now a children's park charge $ 10 a ticket , but Manlong Guiyu has been a famous tour in East China 's Guangxi place, but now do not need to enter the park , the park is also adjacent to laurel contention incense , walking in the road where there will be a shuttle in Guilin in the wonderful feeling .
24 , Yanggongdi , guozhuang (C) (*) guozhuang 10 yuan tickets , go Yanggongdi is not money , this parallel with Sir Georg Solti Westlake third embankment with a rich wetland setting, which was guozhuang a private garden , there Zhe Jiangnan style gardens , guozhuang by the West Lake in Lake View at tea . But this bank is the only three cars a pass , so go up to a little more careful .
25 , Yuquan , Botanical Garden (C) (*) 10 per ticket , the two are fused in phase , surprise Yuquan in the super fish , can not imagine what fish to grow so strong , in addition to the famous Shanwaishan Restaurant also in Yuquan , if the set in the mountains outside the mountain into the park on a free meal tickets for it. Botanical Garden in the other seasons worth nothing , but in the open when the plum , plum is a very good place . Mountaineering plum is do not have fun .
Final Note: These spots are basically does not include those such Xiuboyuan , songcheng like artificial landscape , if you go to Hangzhou to play those things , then it is just a waste. What we can arrange lines refer to the various attractions on the map the position of the string , nothing certain order , after all, this place is a casual Hangzhou where , like how to how to go , how happy on how to get the feel of everything on the line , and not go to any plans to develop one , then, Hangzhou is also not so fun.
Park Attractions Tickets:
Lingyin klippe 10.00 35.00 Jade Emperor Hill
Yue Temple 25.00 Botanical Garden 10.00
Six and tower too son Bay 10.00 20.00
Tiger ran Wansong College 10.00 15.00
Tea Museum Museum 3.00 10.00 Taiyan
Southern Song Guan Kiln Museum 2.00 10.00 Su
Guo Zhuang 5.00 10.00 North Summit Lucky Palace
Stone House Cave Hangzhou Aviary 15.00 3.00
Hi Jiuxi Falls Temple 10.00 2.00 France
Hangzhou Stele Forest Temple 10.00 2.00 France mirror
Santanyinyue ( Lake boat ) 45.00 5.00 Baopu Road House
Animal Park, Lingyin Temple 20.00 15.00
黄Longdong 10.00 15.00 jingcisi
Epcot 3.00 80.00 Peacock Paradise
American City 50.00 Song City 80.00
<a href="">杭州攻略</a>, <a href="浙江攻略</a>, <a href="山居岁月-普罗旺斯的一年</a>

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Very Band
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