Invest in Your Growth

Private Studies, By Appointment Only
Study with Jai me Allison at Ananda Tandava Retreat Center, Howard, Colorado, or Online for Wise Body, Wild Spirit Health Coaching
Integrity, Alignment and Therapeutics: A private, one-on-one series of instructional classes. A minimum of 48 hours prior to our appointment we will discuss what physical issues you are dealing with so I can design a plan of action to address them. Depending upon your issues you may need several sessions to achieve your desired results. During your first 1½-hour session you will understand the root-cause of your injury/limitation and have a program for addressing it. After 4 more sessions your program will be refined to continue your progress. It is up to you to practice what you learn from me. Nothing can be achieved without clear understanding and practice.
Fee- Package of five 1½-hour sessions - $997
Pre-consultation fee is included in the package fee. 
Bio-mechanical/Structural Balancing – a private, one-on-one series of instructional classes for the yoga practioner who wants to overcome blocks in her/his self-practice or who needs guidance creating an effective home practice. Your alignment will be assessed and addressed as needed. Your personal goals will be considered when creating your program.
A minimum of 48 hours prior to our appointment we will discuss your concerns and goals so I can design a plan of action to address them. 
Fee- Package of five 1½-hour sessions - $997
Pre-consultation fee include in the session fee. 

Fluid Spine Yoga This specific sequence of asana and bija (seed) mantras are designed to help you release cellular memory. Cellular memory is the by-product of unprocessed emotions and experiences. These unprocessed emotions and experiences are the root cause of our negative self-talk, destructive habits and self-sabotaging behavior. You will receive an immediate sense of well-being from the spinal wave movements. Fluidity in the spine creates fluidity in the movement and flow of consciousness. When consciousness moves freely within, we experience deep healing on all levels of our being.
Fee: $997 for five 1½-hour sessions, 1½-hour follow up session $249 each, 1-hour follow up sessions $139 each.

If the client needs instruction in basic bio-mechanics and alignment, more sessions may be needed.

Wise Body, Wild Spirit Health Coaching
Programs range from 12 weeks, to 6 months, to 12 months. Contact me for a strategy session at or by calling 719-942-5452, to determine the best program to support your evolution and growth.
Further support:

  • Herbal blends and nasya oils, organic herbal products created by Dr. MaryJo Cravatta of Shaktiveda Yoga, assist in the release of cellular memory.
  • Herbal products to support healthy digestion, toxin removal and other issues that block your progress on your path of awakening.
  • One-on-one cleanse coaching.
VIP Days when you are ready for Deep Transformation
Take refuge in the healing energy of Ananda Tandava Retreat Center. Allow yourself to be supported by nature's timeless rhythms. Sleep in the quiet of the Colorado mountains and be deeply nourished by seasonal, organic, vegetarian meals created in accordance with your needs. 

VIP Days range from a 1/2 day experience to the more profoundly transformational weekend or longer. 

A consultation is required prior to booking a VIP day. 
Contact me to book your consultation, at 719-942-5452 or   
Together we determine the best plan of action to suit your needs and commitment to transform.

Achieving your ultimate result is my number one priority!  

Payment is due at the time of your appointment.
If a cancelation is unavoidable, please provide a minimum of 24-hours notice to avoid being charged for your session.
All deposits, where applicable, are non-refundable.