Wise Body, Wild Spirit Health Coaching

What is Health Coaching?
Are you on the path of conscious evolution? Do you want to make valuable contributions? But, despite your healthy lifestyle are you drained depleted and struggling to get through the day? If you had vibrant energy and optimal health what would you be able to accomplish?
If you can recognize yourself in the above paragraph, you need Wise Body, Wild Spirit Health Coaching!
Let me be your guide to a lifestyle upgrade! My coaching programs give you the tools you need to create vibrant health, build deep energy reserves and make every day your best day!!

Wise Body, Wild Spirit Health Coaching is based on the wisdom of Daily Routine as mapped out by Ayurveda, meaning science of life.  The essence of daily routine is to live in harmony with Nature’s cycles. When we understand the shifting energy contained in the 24-hour cycle of the day, we understand what to do to create optimal health, build deep energy reserves and live as our best self in every moment.  
We also take into consideration the shifting energy of the seasons. Add to that your individual constitution and you have a seemingly complex amount of moving parts!
Complex? Yes! Elegant? Absolutely!
The foundation of Wise Body, Wild Spirit Health Coaching is 10 essential habits that bring us back into balance with ourselves and the world around us. This facilitates a harmonious relationship with the energy contained in the 24-hour cycle of the day and the shifting energies of the seasons. This is referred to as living in harmony with nature.
Humans are diurnal. We are healthiest and feel most alive when we are active during daylight hours and sleeping during nighttime hours. We are healthiest when we honor our digestive fire and eat to facilitate strong digestion, assimilation and elimination.
Vibrant health at any age begins when we understand how to live in harmony with the nature’s cycles. When we know how to consciously eat balanced meals of whole and unprocessed foods and get enough exercise we begin to live an easeful relationship to life. This means you are at your best every day and every day you get to live your version of your perfect life.
Being truly healthy, now and for the rest of your life, starts with healthy digestion. Most of us have a weak digestive fire and live with the symptoms as if they are “normal”.
While it may take some effort to get your digestive fire back on track, it is totally possible and not age dependent! Weak digestion is characterized by gas, bloating, stiff joints, poor sleep, fatigue and inflammation to name a few.
Weak digestion allows toxicity to build up in the body. This taxes the liver, keeps you from feeling vibrant and contributes to weight gain, joint pain, brain fog and degenerative diseases.
My Health Coaching programs address the symptoms commonly associated with having a body.  You are guided in a process that will take your life and health to the next level.
As you align with the energy of the natural world, your true nature is revealed to you.
When you know and honor who you are, you are less stressed and are physically, mentally and emotionally in balance. You return to your most loving, kind and joyful self.


Life is a dance. When you know the steps everything is easier.

Now is the time to live in attunement with your evolutionary impulse, allow the inherent wisdom of your body to come forward and embrace your wild spirit!
Live by nature’s schedule, drop the rush and have time for what matters. Enjoy the experience and feel supported every step of the way.
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